A remix for piracy.

My video is a comment on the attitude of the Motion Picture Association of America toward pirating and copyrighted material.  The industry is blaming piracy for its own shortcomings while trying to maximize profits by through price gouging while also reducing production costs.  Actors make too much.  Studios make too much.  Movie theaters cost too much.  Pirates are a start for leveling the playing field.

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16 Responses to A remix for piracy.

  1. Your remix is short and to the point and as usual your sense of humor came through. Nice choice of scenes to say it. And it is subtle with text slides that make the viewer active in reading in between the video clips, like ready between the lines? Well done.

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  3. djcoats says:

    You did a nice job of getting across a pressing issue while remixing some popular (and tongue-in-cheek) movies. Yes, acting is one of the few professions that the public is willing to pay money to see, along with professional athletes and musicians. if people paid to watch workers in a Ford plant, then there wouldn’t be a need for unions. You make a good point about them maybe making a bit too much, especially if the production companies are so angry about losing money to piracy and remixing.

  4. LOL! Not bad, buddy! You know, I didn’t think about it before, but now I’m wondering how “remix” culture exposes hidden but repetitious subtext within our media products. The repeated imagery of various fictional presidents as integral to waves of enthusiastic applause and celebration among diverse audiences, a consistent theme of validation of the U.S. government? I knew that remix culture was connected with cultural jamming, but now I’m wondering if remixes can be used to deconstruct the reverberating semiotics of American popular culture.

  5. Your video made me think of how a certain form of remixing has taken place within the film industry. Of course, this form of remixing is not so evident to the public. It would be illogical to think, for instance, that a movie made up of fragments of all movies would represent a great revenue for the box office. However, even when a movie is sold as something totally new, the public may not be aware of the possibility that producers and screenwriters would have taken ideas from old movies. Probably that’s why we see that some movies very much resemble one another in terms of plot and characters.

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  8. I like your remix video. It’s interesting that it is a remix video, which is controversial in regard to copy right issue, but it is talking about pirating and copy right. Also, it focuses on motion pictures using segments of movies, which is a clever design.
    I have never noticed that movie association would be threatened by these remix videos. But after watching your remix video, I began to think about the situation in China. We have a lot of popular remix videos online for free too. People enjoy watching them. On the other hand, when it comes to big movies, people tend to pay a lot for the tickets. The big movies seem not be threatened by small remix videos at all. The difference is interesting. Maybe it’s because of culture differences. People in China do not have as strong sense of copy right as you people in U.S. have.

  9. yanqunlou says:

    I know yours would be a popular one when Jon said “lots of swear words” were something to be expected. This is a point-of-view remix. Even through the movie scenes you deliberately chose for humorous effects, I can sense the deep bitterness and sarcasm that grew out of it. Your animosity against the film industry is understandable. I really like the idea of putting your own opinions into the actors’ mouth. The dramatic presentation of the words by Tom Cruise, “we live in a cynical world, a cynical world”, made your message all the more powerful. I think this is the central theme of your remix, is it? I would love to see more of your remixes uploading to YouTube. Recently I’ve transformed myself into a fanatic Youtube fan and watched a lot of homemade comedy videos. Since you have both the ideas and skills, why don’t you open a channel for your remixes?

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  11. Moises Reyes says:

    Nice! I really like the message of the video and your choice of scenes. I can’t remember the last time I saw ‘Mars Attacks’! haha. I am completely sympathetic to your perceptions of how the film industry is exploiting consumers. A simple remix video like this does a great job of pointing out how absurd studio executives’ arguments and complaints toward piracy can truly be.

  12. sanambhaila says:

    An Independence day for ‘remix’, Won’t that be cool? Wow…I should say it is a nicely done movies too…definitely one of the best of all what I have see for this class. I really like the idea of making mockery of the idea of copyright over remixes…I guess that’s what it was. Basically, I should say that you have used nice transitions between the videos create a smooth feeling of flow of the video. It is one of the quality remixers need to have. I can definitely see that you are good at visual communication, which requires some of your input too even though we are working on somebody else’s’ work. Here we go again, “No idea is original’ and “Confusion” that Suzet talked about in the class. However, I am liking remix…especially after last class…I have realized that pretty much there is remix in everything we do…what we wear, talk, cook, see, and study…defining a tipping point is going to be a hard thing…and your video speaks just that (may be as far as the beings from another planet…hahaha..). I am loving it…Opps…even this (“I am loving it” is a remix now… I used this line to communicate here…but this is a commercial punch line used by McDonald…Should I be conscious to used it now…Remix, totally???

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  14. davidinmedia says:

    Joe, I am a movie buff so I really enjoyed your remix. You certainly made your point. And it does relate to the two films we saw regarding mixing and the entire question of what should and should not be “protected” as intellectual property.

  15. I was thinking you might show how Hollywood “remixes” itself with remakes and sequels — but no matter. Good job.

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